Men’s Fasion

Published March 21, 2012 by satangpie

Tom Ford is an american  fashion designer and a film director , he became famous because he was a head designer of gucci and YSL in 1994-2004 (also his own label Tom Ford)

Tom Ford believe that women should be sexy and this is also the concept that lead house of gucci and YSL. Tom Ford style is about glamour, classic, elegance and sexy, he use a lot of sex appear of women and also men on advertising and his own work, this is also make his work under the spot light.

personally, i like Tom Ford men’s wear very much because of the design and also the quality, as you can see all the shirt and suit are well made with a good shape and good material.

Tom Ford style mostly for me is classic and i would love to wear it to a anywhere because it is look polite and smart.

One thing that i can sense from Tom Ford is Tom Ford is more like a american classic brand but still has the atmosphere of a culture in the past, maybe because of the classic look of men that me it more like a american gentlemen during 1920.

he also made a sunglasses, look very classy and expensive. his design is a little bit vintage but still look great.

Maybe he use sex because most of the people are really interested in it, and the more society try to provide sex from media or people the more people interested in.

i love his perfume and the design of all the bottle, because i’ve never seen anything like this before, it gave me a touch of real perfume like it the past men grooming, while other brand is trying to develop and moving forward to a future Tom Ford is using what people forget in the past.

The unique design classic bottle of Tom Ford perfume


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