Hot&Not Evening dress

Published February 16, 2012 by satangpie

zuhair murad

This dress normally you will see this kind of top dress on men dress but the designer make it different on women dress so it is interesting

Kate Winslet in Yves saint laurent

her dress look fine with black that make her look slimmer so it is a good choice.

Elie Saab Spring-summer 2011

i think that this color for south east asia is quite difficult to wear but the designer make it look softly and feminine.

Dior Homme Grey suit

Grey color is one of the color that i will choose to wear because most people will wear black so grey might be an interesting choice to be different but still classic.

Yves saint laurent spring-summer 2012

This suit give a look of casual but still it is possible to be a formal as well

Alexander mcqueen men’s wear 2009

this is one of my all time favorite men’s suit from alexander mcqueen, because this suit or coat give a look of total classic victorian time which is really look like gentlemen.

What’s NOT !

 french comedienne axelle laffont at cannes

The cutting or pattern of this pant or dress is totally wrong maybe it does not go well with her body.

she look like a porn star on this dress, it is not interesting at all in design or anything and it is look cheap brand that try to make it look expensive but it’s fail.

miley cyrus

Her dress on the top look fine and sexy but the tissue that look like her tail or it just stuck there when she leave the toilet

ryan reynolds MTV Movie Award

This is something that you should not wear to a formal or a red carpet.

basically his suit color nearly go well with the collar but the croco leather make it worse, a little bit too much.

adam lambert 2010 grammy awards red carpet

First the bow tie does not go well with his suit and overall EMO look

second, his suit make him look like he is wet

Third, overall look is just all wrong !


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