Hot&Not Casual

Published February 16, 2012 by satangpie


on the top look really formal but jeans can also make it casual.


the bottom part may look a little bit formal but the swather make it more relax and easy to wear

Roberto Cavalli

this look remind me of YSL safari but that is not the point , the point is overall it look really polite but it is all made from jeans.

Versace 2012

For women pants is something casual because they can move and sit freely. but still on top look really great and detail.

burberry prorsum autumn 2012

this color is easy to wear specially when you combine with black, it still look casual but polite as well.


This is a basic look that can wear everyday and it is comfortable as well.


he look like a drug addicted with his ugly high waist jeans and unwash Tee


it look good but don’t you think that the Tee is too long so it make his leg look shorter.


His pant is more like a pyjamas and it does not go well with that boots and shirt.


she look crazy with a velvet dress that more like a sofa with lace ? seriously ? and flower ????


For me she look like a moveable blanket


her skirt is obviously a bin bag and she might want to change her shirt because this look more like she stole it from grandpa or a original Mark and spencer shirt.


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